Friday, July 30, 2010

AYO GURKHALI !!!!!!!!!!

A number of my fellow bloggers have posted about the Gurkha soldier who got himself in a bit of a jam in Afghanistan after being told to bring back proof that a high value target had been terminated so rather than bringing back the whole body, he only brought back the target's head.

They covered all the points quite well and I can't add anything of interest to the discussion. I personally don't see anything wrong with the act myself. After all the people we are fighting are the same folks that behead LIVING prisoners and post the videos on the web as well as bragging that they will behead anyone who does not agree with them. The Gurkha soldier on the other hand, removed the head after the target was dead so the "victim" was beyond caring.

The Gurkha is one of the most feared and professional soldiers around. They have served with the British Army since the early 1800's and continue to serve to this day. One of my favorite Gurkha stories (And there are hundreds) happened in North Africa in WW II. After the battle at Atessa, the British occupied a house with eight German corpses in the cellar. A British regimental sargent major ordered a squad of Gurkhas to bury them. A large pit was dug and the Gurkhas duly placed the eight bodies into it and were beginning to shovel earth on top of them when one of the bodies moved. One of the Gurkhas unlimbered his rifle and was about to shoot the offending German when a British officer saw what was happening and said "What are you doing?"
The Gurkha replied "The major sahib said we were to bury eight bodies. You wouldn't expect us to bury him alive, would you?
The German was duly rescued from the pit and survived the ordeal.

It's as someone from Cumberland who served with the Gurkhas in Burma once said,

"That Johnny Gurkha, he's a hard lad, he is......."

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