Monday, November 16, 2009

Edward Woodward, R. I. P.

I found out today that English actor Edward Woodward passed away.

Mr. Woodward wasn't a "A" list actor, no major blockbusters to his credit, but he was quietly competent at what he did. The role that stood out for me and brought him to my attention was in the movie Breaker Morant. This movie, (one of my favorites, B.T.W.) is set in the Boer War. The plot of the movie deals with the courts martial of three Australian officers who while serving under British Army command were accused of executing Boer Prisoners of War. Woodward brings a sense of world weariness to his portrayal of Morant, but intersperses it with a charm that keeps the portrayal from being maudlin. Woodward's courtroom scenes in particular are well done.

Rest in Peace Mr. Woodward, and thank you for the entertainment that you gave us.

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