Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mumbai, One Year Later..........

I know that today is Thanksgiving and that since it is a time of being thankful and being with families that this post will be a bit out of place, but so be it.

It was a year ago today, that 10 well dressed young men carrying explosives, Chinese type 86 hand grenades and AK-47 rifles, like wolves attacking a flock of sheep, attacked the city of Mumbai, India. Their mission was simple, to kill as many people as possible before they in turn were killed. These young men were Muslim, gathered up from small villages in Pakistan, trained and sent out to kill in the name of Allah. These young men racked up a horrifying body count, they killed 173 and wounded 308.

The reason for this post is that I just watched a HBO special I had recorded earlier. The special, "Terror in Mumbai" is only a hour long, but stunning in what it shows and details. What makes this so stunning was that Indian Intelligence was able to record and monitor cell phone calls from the terrorist and their controllers in Pakistan. These recordings were used in the documentary. One of the most chilling was when the controllers ordered one of the terrorist to shoot some hostages before the security forces could retake them. You can hear the shots as the terrorist shoots the hostages in the back of the head.

Other scenes in this documentary that will get your attention are how poorly the Indian Security services dealt with this situation. Police officers armed with high powered, bolt action rifles (WWII Enfields) threw them down and ran away. Some few who attempted to engage were limited to the 5 rounds they had in their weapons and sometimes their rifles didn't work, causing one police officer on a surveillance video they show to throw a plastic chair at one of the bad guys.

It was also interesting seeing the reaction of the terrorist to their surroundings. They were amazed at the opulence and richness of the hotels they attacked. I think that this allowed them to kill easier. You take a young man out of some mud hut village or other hell hole in Pakistan and tell him to kill all these rich, pig eating infidels and in return, you will get your reward in paradise. You can understand how easy it is to program such people. These kids had nothing and all these infidels have all this stuff that they don't and never will have. The infidels don't deserve it, while you, as a good Muslim do. Make them pay for their effrontery and defend your religion at the same time. Taking a kid with a mindset like that and molding him into a weapon is easy.

This was a kind of attack that all countries are VERY vulnerable to. They are low tech, and as long as you have someone who is willing to die to carry it out, almost unstoppable. Look at Ft. Hood as an example. I think that we will see many more of these kinds of attack in the future. We as a country should be prepared for it. Just think if these terrorist had come to America and attacked a mall on "Black Friday"

If you can, get your hands on a copy of the HBO special "Terror in Mumbai" It will open your eyes and show you the true face of the sworn enemy of the western world.


I have a link here to allow you to see the documentary (as long as it last)

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